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Our story treating mange

Here is our story in treating the many mangy wombats we had at Rocklily:

In March 2009 we discovered that the Wombat Protection Society had a simple solution to treating the really mangy wombats we saw wandering around on death’s door (see below for more info). We spent 18 months treating them, and we appear to have successfully eradicated it: we only ever see healthy wombats on our night vision cameras now. We keep a steady watch, ready to start treating again but it’s been some time thankfully, and we have moved on to other projects.

Below is the first stage of mapping burrows and putting in flaps on part of Rocklily. With all those burrows we think we had only 6 wombats! Many had died of mange, but the population was probably only 8 or so.

Wombat survey