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Little Keith July 2023

Keith rescued by Stuart in July 2023 was walking down the road with a temperature of 2 degrees. Yes at only 800 grams and naked, as Stuarts kid’s called him he is a very lucky wombat to be rescued by Stuart. Named by Stuarts kids Keith is a great feeder, drinking his bottle down and sleeping lots. It will be awhile before Keith is fully furred, its just starting now and its called ‘velvet” its very short and fine soft to the tough. Getting back into the swing of 4 hourly feeds has been interesting, and were enjoying little Keith
Finally there out enjoying a few week's of sun in their new home. We had boarded off the burrow until we knew they were happy to be out at night. They were coming and going from their box and hanging bags in the veranda shed. There is an electric fence atop of the corrugated fencing enclosing the area and lights including a fox light. When we were happy with things we opened the burrow for their first night, things seemed to go well. Night two we had Loppy the three legged dingo about 200metres away howling for about 2 hours. Then late night feed ended up near midnight as i could not get them out, sitting in the shed with their daily bottle a wedge tail eagle lands on an stump  near by and starts calling, freaking them out. we have long strings across the pen every which way to stop them coming down to have a little wombat snake.  Needless to say it took a few days from Little Keith to come out again. He is relaxed again now, and the stump has been removed.