2024 Rocklily Wombats Calendar is SOLD OUT Thankyou everyone whom, purchased we value your support!

2019 Wombat Calendar just $10

2019 Wombat Calendar avail around mid September just $10

Fill your year with wombats , just wombats this is a high quality calendar great as a gift ir keep it for yourself.  Features the wombats we have in or had in care their story and some wombat facts. We have a page about how we release wombats, and another page on how to rescue them after mum's been hit by a car and mange treatment. All funds help us care for and feed our wombats and kangaroo's, wallabys and wallaroos , even after they are released were having to feed due to the dought.  We have mad lots of options so you can see the cost internationally, single or a few calendars. Ask for a quote of post for qtys. Thankyou all for your support in being interested in the calendar.   Available from our online shop  

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