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Febuary 2018

Feb has seen the start of a new release pen, further through from us at Denis and Dave's place. We had our UK friends Brian and Jannette plus Denis, Dave and Warwick get the bulk of the job done. Great spot near a dam on a grassy slope under some trees. Wally and Trevor will be first to go out and Denis and Dave will be checking the cameras and supporting them through their release. Wonderful to have such caring neighbours. We still have a day of work to finish it. Shop funds helped us pay for all the wire mesh we needed for the edges, self-feeding water bowl and such—thank you friends and customers. We continue our visits to the existing release pen at Nick's for Harriette's wombats, which have settled in really well. Nikki's joey has grown too. We provide hay in the release pen, only accessed by a swinging heavy wombat door, and it's being eaten by the visiting wombats as the drought made an impact on grasses. Feb

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