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Gidget Release starts 2nd Dec 2022

Dec 2nd Gidget starts her soft release, and wombat swing door opened. Shes in her fav burrow more often than not a few week's later,  she can come and go at her pace now to fully join the wild world. Gidget is 6 months older than normal release and a healthy 27 kg kept longer due to liver fluke issues and settling after losing Willow. She has been in care for 2 years. She's a quite confident girl now  A beautiful girl whom has completed the circle here, of rescue rehabilitation and now Release. We found her relaxing in the sun in her fav spot in her wombatorium mid december on a sunny but cold windy morning. Wombats often sit at the edge of their burrow in cold weather soaking up the sun.  Gidgets Burrow is protected by the weather with 1/2 an old water tank, we protect alot of the wild burrows now with these and the tent shaped tin cshelters as well to keep them Dry. 

Gidget is huge now around 29kg we started her release, but stopped when we realised we had mange (scabies) in wombats in the area. With Female wombats dispersing we didn’t want her going off and getting mange which is fatal. She enjoys her huge tub of fresh cut grass daily and has more burrows that you can imagine, We will have to completely renovate the pen. Her re release is as soon as weather starts to warm. Gidget is very curious and comes out  for a look if something is happening with us. We dont touch her, keeping her wild.

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