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March 2016

It's been a pretty busy year so far, with 10 wombats and 16 macropods, removal of 3 huge goanna's 3 brown snakes and 2 Red belly Black's. Release of 2 wombats at the remote supported release pen. We have also had the sad death of Joy the  6kg Eastern Grey with a twisted bowel, that broke and was expeled. 2 other Eastern grey joey's came, but they were so compromised with worms and the damage such a heavy burden did to their Bowel were also not savable. In the wild we understand only 17% of macropods survive to adulthood.   So high's and Lows, were very sad and we do cry many tear's for those we cannot save. Milo the eastern Grey kangaroo and Joy's buddy is doing really well he has bonded nicely with the 6 new Eastern Greys and Sadie making a great little mob that we will start to let out on day release over winter as they get bigger.   March 2016 Cooler days and nights finally and were getting some of our released and in the process of releasing wombats, wandering around the house, singing to each other.  We have seen Lilly released last August again, and she has grown so much. Poppy her buddy always pays a visit if we have visitors of an evening so about every 3  weeks. Both doing well.  Wiggles has appeared he's our latest post card boy. He was looking very chewed by Charlie Girl his buddy when he started his release in January but is now looking much better. We think charlie, just chewed his fur obviously a wombat love thing.  Then there is the men's shed mob Gentel Terry, Frankie run run away, and Tankie all doing so well. Tankie came in wild around 5 kg and so has become very wild early, lucky if you see him every other week. So the wombatorums are both busy with comings and goings and their living under waz shed as well as in assorted burrows around the place. 

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