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March 2018

It's been very busy here at Rocklily. There are now 15 wombats in care that fill our days! Warwick's been away singing in New Zealand for 19 days with The Spooky Men's Chorale, it's something he needs to do while he can. Grass cutting is a huge undertaking here, because we need to get enough grass for 14 wombats all over 17kg! We have had some rain but it will be a while till we get pickable grass. The hours we spend bent over cutting roadside grass are a familiar sight to locals, who wave as they go by. Roadkill is increasing and I found little Wombi in the pouch of one of three wombats I moved off the road on a trip to Goulburn.  At 492g she requires 4 hourly feeds for at least the next two months—that's right, I am up at night as well! Will be nice when Warwick's back and we can share the night feeds. Find out more in the Animals In Care section. You can be in the running to name little Wombi—just purchase something in the shop this April and comment your suggested name when you checkout! Monty has settled now, and when the top wombatorium is free we will try and put the three back together again, with a lot more room and burrows. They will release late winter. Wally, Trevor and Ray are all due for release soon. Once we get the pen finished two will go out and Ray will release from here. I will have tears to see them go but we have been hands-off for many, many months now, only seeing them when we put food up in their wombatorium, if they happen to have got up early. The camera cards give us a good look at how they are going.

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