2024 Wombat Calendar IN STORE NOW! A virtual gift of Mange treatment, is always welcome, mange kills in around 3 months, so treating mange can save a wombat's life. See our gifts and mange treatment collection in the shop

Online shop closed 21st December to 3rd Jan. Mange kits and calendars still going out!

Were taking a very much needed break from our online shop, our main source of funding.

So although the shop can still take orders we will only be sending out our 2023 calendar and of course Mange kits.

 We expect the calendar to sell out over January, it will then become unavailable on the website.  

Other orders will be made up and shipped after the 3rd of January 

Dianna is exhausted it's been a great big finish to the year!  

We are as always available for any wildlife issues you have,

email or call on 02 48435933

rocklilywombats@ gmail.com


We are wishing everyone a great christmas and  new year!

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