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Removal deadly Inkweed by hand Volunteers needed. Or donations to pay helpers.

Gift of habitat restoration:Bringing back more grass and water for wildlife

We have photos and video's of wallaby's, kangaroos eating deadly Inkweed, all parts of this are deadly. It's sprung up worse madly after the rain's of last year have stoped in December, it's a big priority to remove.  We are seeing a. number of unwell walllabys and a wallaroo and have no other explanation but they have been eating this. Even though birds spread it, we have lost more than half our magpie's currawongs and bower birds since December, they are just gone?. Did they eat too much of this. We had an Ecologist Lorri here on 23rd of Feb whom alerted us to the danger of this weed. 

Inkweed is the green shrub everywhere, it was hidded under the thistle already removed and massive growth of gum trees in the wrong place post fire. This is just one  creek bed and hence  rains have helped move seed around, its the biggest patch we have.  The rest is scattered over the property, in area's of dead trees and regrowth of guns and other odd native plants, adding up to around 100 times this amount. 

We are carefully cutting this off at ground level and having to poison stem with a tiny dribble. Plant is then put on tarp to prevent seed spreading and added to a growing pile to dry out  its covered with shade cloth to prevent being blown around by wind or letting birds eat more seeds .  This will be burnt in winter. We hate using poision but have little choice. 

To date (early march 2023 we have put in over 60 hours getting rid of thistle and 145 hours removing deadly inkweed. more than 1/2 these hours are paid as we having alot of trouble getting any volunteers whom want to travel here and do this kind of work. Its not all cuddling wombats. 
Anyone wanting to come spend a day helping with this as a volunteer please contact us. Lunch and morning avo teas supplied. 

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