Most help to us us Gifts of " Habitat Restoration:" Were having to pay for help in removing this as we just cannot get many to volunteers to help with this. See news for more info. And Gifts are in collection of Mange treatment & Gifts.

Nursery October 2017

Pinki, Chilli on bottom and Vivian on top are three of our Rumble or Nursery 5.  All three came from the Goulburn area with their mothers all hit by cares and they were either rescued at around 2kgs and were  cared for by Erin till around 5kgs  when they came to rocklily and were buddied up with Jess (Jessy James) and Bushy making a crazy, tumbling rumbling group in our nursery. Photo taken by Gille one of our wonderful volunteers.  More about them in our animals in care section.