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2019-2020 Alberta 900g arrives

 arrives 9 Oct 2019 - 24th sept 2020

Alberta arrives another orphan Collected roadside from a dead mum locally she really loved her milk and cuddles. She was quite shy and liked to stay in her bag and box. She was happy snuggling up with her buddies Flora and Starman 

Yes sadly mum was a roadkill victim, and Alberta has a fine layer of fur. She was rescued by the Rose family and bought to Rocklily all wrapped up snugly warm 

Berty as we call her has been an easy wombat to settle (thankfully with 5 so new) Shes taken her bottle quickly and is no trouble and now getting quite inquisitive we will buddy her up with Florence soon and they will become great friends sleeping together. 

Very sad to have to say that Alberta did not make it, were heartbroken she had a twisted bowel that expelled. Not common but untreatable by the time its found. 24th September 2020 Vale Berty she had an extra 12 months here with her buddies Starman and Flora