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2020 - 2021 Burrow wombat Died Viral encephalitis

Poor Little burrow was found By Caitlin wondering on a road thickly covered in mud. There was still dried mud and close to 300 ticks on Burrow , numerous healing small cuts (barbed wire ? ) when we recieved him a few days later. He is  very quite non aggressive for a wild wombat weighing just over 9kg, and he was thin.  With lots and lots of cuddles picking ticks and dried mud off all burrow wants to do is eat grass or cuddle. We quickly buddied him up with Olive and Billie and they were soon sleeping in a pile. Hes got scaly skin a fungal condition and an injury to his little tail so has now been twice to see the Amazing Dr Howard Ralph and things are improving. 

Sadly in April willow appeared very unwell, and died 36 hours later. we had an necropsy done at Crookwell vet with many pathology samples sent to Sydney University Pathology whom specialise in wildlife, 3 months later after many pathologists discussion and brain samples sent to overseas specalist they cannot determine why He died and what has made the changes in his brain, nothing that they know about. Were heartbroken and very sad Willow is buried with Bille and Olive whom also died from the same thing in the following weeks despite alot of help from vets including Dr Howard Ralph a sad puzzle. This is also happening in the wild on the Tableands where we live and we know on a number of wild wombats on the southern highlands getting over 2 weeks or even a week suddenly very this , going neurologically blind, unable to smell and death within 24hrs of this final stage . 

Dr Howard Ralph believes it was viral encephalitis (there are many types ) that Willow died from.