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2018 - 2019 Buddy and Bruce Released at Kurts soft release site Jan 2019

Cupcake, Bruce and Buddy arrived Wednesday 16th May at around 13 kg each from Kirsty, who had cared for them till we had enough room to take them. They got mange in care, the 8th case we have heard about over this summer, with in-care animals. We think it's meat-eating birds (bodies of mangy animals), and mice we think are the carriers as there is a mice plague in areas on the East Coast. They've been mange free for a while now, it's been tricky clearing it up  skin scrapings etc. hair regrowing. Poor Buddy is a tad upset, and he is putting on a show, screaming to scare away the scary new smells! He will settle. One week later and Bruce is often seen with Cupcake and Buddy, scurrying back to their dry cosy burrow. Bruce and Buddy are now around 17 kg and staying in their burrow during the day now the weather has heated up. Sadly Cupcake got very ill just after this photo. We dont know whatwas wrong, poo blood and fluids tested and no answer. She went back to Kirsty her original carer and vet whom was as puzzeled as we were. Kirsty Euthanaised her when we decided we could not help her. A autopsy was preformed no futher answers. Stress in wildlife can kill and the move from her original carer might have been too much for her. We are all very sad. Stress kills wildlife so easily sometimes if you add other issues to the mix.