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Eddy attached by dogs survives 15.4.2023

 Eddy moved into Sue and Rob's shed then garage. We thought it best to treat him there to reduce stress, and its a large garage. Supplying hay filled  and plastic  dog kennel (floor is insulated) , and Sue and Rob were great in keeping an eye on him. Many trips back and forth 70 min away to give injections and apply topical creams saw him turn around quite quickly, Maggots, Puss, and infested smell gone and healing nicely. Despite the valium in his water Eddy resorted all Rob's tools , preferred all lower shelves pulled over face first and liberty sprinkled with fresh wombat poo, he was climbing the wall's. He now has his dog box in a little leant out back and seems to be managing fine. Rob has Parkinsons like Rocklily's Warwick, and so it wont be so hard for him to get the Garage sorted again.

Dog attack wombat Eddy has been released back into his wild habitat, he can come and go to his dog kennel if needed now behind garage undercover.   Photo's are at start of his treatment. Dogs tend to focus on neck and area around there ripping and biting deep puncture wounds that get infected.