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2018- 2019 Jo Jo and Bo-Dee Macropods

Jo Jo and Bo Eastern Grey Kangaroos came into care in April 2018 from Lyn who had cared for them beautifully since very little. They were a bit bigger than we normally take them but the macropod (long foot) enclosure had Annie in who had come back with a double compressed and  in-place fracture of L7 verterbara.  She was on strong pain relief and valium to reduce stress. (Her story in released section) They are very friendly and took a bit to get used to seeing all the wild kangaroo's hopping by. Eventually starting their supported soft release in late June and Jo Jo came back with a very bad cut to her main foot pad. This has required daily dressings since early august and continue through November. Wound cream non-stick dressing, wadding and vet wrap. This is a 2 man job, initially we had to give pain relief and a very small bit of valium in a bottle which thankfully he loved as we had to rehandle him, and knew this was going to be a long process.  With Warwick bagging him and sitting on a chair, second foot in bag, and he relaxes. with his tail between my legs (after getting smashed in face) we could undress, clean and redress his foot. End of November sees it all but healed, still a tiny fissure and in a couple of weeks bandages off and get the pad to harden up. It's got to be strong as these boys will be off they wont be easy to catch again, as they're big enough to be evicted from the mob and join the men's drinking group.