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2014 Miss Kate Kelly 260gm And Lucy 320 gms

Kate's mum ran out onto the road in the early morning light and was sadly hit by a car in August 2013. The driver was most upset and checked the pouch and found Kate, a hairless, warm, wiggling baby wombat.  She carefully got Kate out of mum's pouch and wrapped her in a hanky and put her under her t-shirt to keep her warm. They were on their way to Wombeyan Caves to visit the caves, and so gave her to the Park Rangers there. Ranger Bob kept Kate warm and rang us up to come and get Kate to look after.  Kate only weighed 260g, her little ears were nice and big although her eyes were still shut. Kate was quite cold despite Bob's efforts and we slowly warmed her in a special hospital box. When Kate was nice and warm we were able to give her her first bottle of special marsupial milk with a special teat and tiny bottle. You should never try and feed baby animals, as it can easily get into their lungs and they then get very ill. You can see how strong and shaped Kate's claws are for digging, and she's starting to get some hair. When she has lots of hair she will be able to  keep herself warm and won't need to have heat in her hospital box. Kate has just recently been joined by another little wombat called Lucy who will become her buddy; they will stay with us for nearly 2 years till they are nearly 20kg and be released back into the wild away from roads.

Update: Sadly, Lucy (Kate's new buddy) had a nasty contagious bacteria that stopped a section of the bowel growing and they both spent 3 weeks with the Amazing Dr Howard Ralph but he could not save them.