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Monty Sept 2016 to Feb 2019

Monty came into care in September 2016 and rescued from his dead mum roadside in Marulan by Erin  at only 1.7kg. Monty was buddied yo with Poppette and came to Rocklily when he was 5kg. He's quite a light coloured wombat and has been quite mad doing 'popcorn'  twisting biting jumps (think of popcorn in a heated pot) when excited for is bottle, he wombat surfs and generally works up his buddies Jeffery elmo and poppette, so there is no feeding anyone till they wear temselves out. Fondly known as one of the 4 crazys! Thankfully recently he's settled down as jeffery has grown bigger and more dominant.


Monty has been seen around Rocklily occasionally and hes doing well. July 2022