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2018 - 2021 Polly, a bundle of energy 3.5 kg

Little Polly came to us on Saturday 28th April 2018 with her buddy Winnie, both very well cared for and just absolute buddies.  She's just 3.5 kg so starting to get out of mum's pouch and she is now just getting used to her new box and new mum and dad to care for her. Polly loves a cuddle will get on your lap and melp asleep with her fist balled up next to her face and she's of course a calendar girl. She has buddied up with Winnie and they are inseperable. october 2018 Winnie and Polly are now in Class 2 in middle school, a snuggly shed attached to the wombatorium. When they first moved down with their wombat box and bags we got some really bad winds which really freaked them out, with them hiding in the shed burrow. They love their bottles and you can see we got some rain and Pollys nose is covered in mud from digging in her burrow. They getting quite big now and love theirgrass. Poor Polly was quite depressed when Winnie became sick and they were seperated with winnie in a wombat hospital box inside for 10 days.  Both together again and comfortable in each others company.  They love pulling the cover off their box and sleeping in the morning sun on it!

Polly has been a lovely wombat and was happily buddied with Winnie. Both were kept in care much longer than planned due to the bushfires and aftermath, and as they matured some argumentative hissing developed. Polly is now released and she has quite a personality. Still getting her bearings in the big wild world, she is sometimes found late at night curled up asleep somewhere around the house. She stands her ground but we think Star Man has been a bit amorous and they can often be heard chasing each other around late at night. 


March 2022 

Polly has been very slow releasing, she continued to come and go from her wombatorium for close to 6 months. She was around quite a bit after that and could be found on a wet cold night asleep on the back doormat or under the table on the deck, funny girl. You could not get near her, without alot of hiding and her wanting to charge you so she was not humanised she just had trouble finding her place in the burnt landscape. March 22 and we realise we are seeing her now only once a month or so so thats great she's settling into her wild life. 



 Sadly on 2nd May 2022 Polly was hit and killed by a car. Vale Polly you were very special, such a character and Dianna is heartbroken. Polly is buried on the hill behind the house looking over the valley, a nice place to sit and chat with her.