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2019 -2020 Ranger 11 kg arrives with with mange

Poor Ranger arrived with mange at 11 kg 

2019 summer to release 2020  March

Ranger was due for release spring summer 2019. He kept incase longer than we would have liked due to the 2019 drought then the bushfire threat. Ranger had the whole of middle school to himself (class 2,3 and 5 ) over the summer there was grass still due to our watering. He had sprinklers on his pen during the bushfire and we were able to keep the fire from his pen with our housebushfire system.

He had a  grand seat to watch it all and the wildlife camera in class 3  

He self released (aka dug out) in march 2020, he beat us by a week in starting his release!  We are support feeding him thru winter from a feed station next to his pen. We had planned an April release and as a boy would stay around and we could support him with a soft release. As he came in at 11 kg he was not new to managing in the wild we never really touched him as we kept him quite wild for a better outcome at his release. Were monitoring him with camera's still (June 2020). At around 24 kg he's doing well, the cage in back is a wombat feed station he visits nightly next to his old pen.  

Ranger at release hes looking great such a healthy boy were very pleased

Arrival of ranger 

He had a reasonably bad case and had cellulitis in his legs as well, possibly from hard floor surface he was kept on for a week or so. Sometimes there is just not alot of choice. 

Wombats stay with mum until around 18kg and wean from around 10 kg 

It was luck we had a wombatorium available with plenty of grass and a burrow that we could reach in and treat him. He had had alot of treatment in the short time in care before we got him and as it is a neurotoxin we needed him to settle and relax a bit and let it wean out of his system.

Our camera's were set up so we could check him.  

After 4 weeks with mange still increasing on him we decided to treat him with a homeopathic treatment under trial we had used on Bruce and Buddy Warwick could reach in and apply daily treatment with a hadn't pump bottle and were impressed at how quickly his mange got under control and then was gone.

He learnt to eat fresh grass we cut roadside so theres still grass left in his pen and as well as some support food. He's still totally wild with is great and he should make a smooth transition back to the wild with our support. 

May sees ranger fully recovered with all his fur

He's a lovely fat boy now at around 19 kg and will be soft released from his wombatorium over summer so he can come and go.