Wally started his release with Trevor on the 23rd April at a nearby property Willawrang about 8 kg futher into the the Blue Mountains National Park and Water catchment on thousands of acres of private land. Wombat heaven. They are the first to use our new suported soft release pen, where Denis and Dave owners of Willawrang are support feeding and checking all their wildlife camera's daily. With both not seen at all (other than on wildlife camera's) it was tricky to catch and get Wally and Trevor into their cages for the 30 min 4 x 4 drive to the site. Both relaxed once the cages were covered and did not seem fussed at all when we arrived. They were introduced into the pen thru the wombat gate. They both managed to get out bending some fencing and forcing themselves thru what Seemed a 5 cm gap. But of course they could not get back in, so Wally managed to enlarge a hole under a fallen tree for the day. while Trevor was wandering around mid morning a bit upset. He made it to a tree root where he just sat down and went to sleep secure I think because Denis and Dave had started to make a little hut of towels tree branches for him. Trevor had forgotten how the wombat gate worked and spent two nights trying to get back in everywhere but thru the push gate! Denis had to prop it open and leave fresh grass around so he got the message. The plan is that they spend 2 more nights in to continue digging good burrows for themselves as this will become their safe place when they are tired and stressed. They will come and go over many months learning about life in the wild, with the careing eye of Denis and Dave checking the wildlife camera's to see how there going and we can intervene if and when needed. Just what this type of release is all about.   After a night out and not managing to sort out how to get back in to his pen we traveled out and sat on a long talking and calling. As we left about 2km from the pen there was trevor happily trotting along the track, as if walking back home. Dianna was able to call him to stop and he walked past a few times and then headed down into the valley where his pen is. Is the last time we see him in the flesh. It's very strange not releasing from Rocklily, this is a better site and frankly we have released 14 from here and untill we can start our density studies its probably too many. We are releasing Ray from Rocklily as Wally and Trevor picked on him quite alot in the last months.   The Start of Trevors Journey with Rocklily Trevor rescued roadside in aug 2016 near Goulburn 5.4 kg. When they come in this size out of mums pouch they are quite fiesty and take a bit to get used to bottle feeding, we have the scars to prove it. Trevor is a lovely gentle boy who loves his buddies and loves his grass. Trevor is no trouble, we just love him.

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