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Victoria attacked by dogs, now at peace 10th - 13th May 2023

A call from Cheryl whom has treated their manged wombats and called us in the past for injured wildlife. Another dog attack wombat, whom is now warm and comfy in our hospital shed asleep. Violet has had her topical cream, antibiotic injection and valium water and has a huge basket of fresh cut grass. The hospital shed is full of meadow hay to snuggle into or into another plastic insulted dog box, even wombat box so lots of choice. Her neck is a bad mess, we will see how she is in the morning, and continue daily treatments. A big thankyou to advice and help from our vet for every case we deal with. We will let you know how she goes, she is more touch and go, Wounds seem deeper than Eddy's were. When there so sick moving them as adults, is tricky hopefully the mild sedation will take the edge off her stress and its quite where she is. Dogs wandering around often do attack wildlife, and the puncture wounds become what we call iceberg wounds and massive infection developed underneath the puncture, till it'll erupts a a gigantic mess weeks later. Bit graphic I know. But Dogs and wildlife do not mix no matter how friendly your dog is, wildlife ageing to decide if the dog is friendly or not is not an option, those few seconds can mean life of death.

We could not get her to eat or drink very much, and Violet passed away deep in the hay Wednesday night.  She was treated with pain medication whilst in care. Very very sad treating injured adult wombats is very hard