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2016- 2018 Wally 2.2 kg

April 2016 release started 4.2018

Wally started his release with Trevor on the 23rd April at a nearby property Willawrang about 8 kg futher into the the Blue Mountains National Park and Water catchment on thousands of acres of private land. Wombat heaven. They are the first to use our new suported soft release pen, where Denis and Dave owners of Willawrang are support feeding and checking all their wildlife camera's daily. With both not seen at all (other than on wildlife camera's) it was tricky to catch and get Wally and Trevor into their cages for the 30 min 4 x 4 drive to the site. Both relaxed once the cages were covered and did not seem fussed at all when we arrived. They were introduced into the pen thru the wombat gate. They both managed to get out bending some fencing and forcing themselves thru what Seemed a 5 cm gap. But of course they could not get back in, so Wally managed to enlarge a hole under a fallen tree for the day. while Trevor was wandering around mid morning a bit upset. He made it to a tree root where he just sat down and went to sleep secure I think because Denis and Dave had started to make a little hut of towels tree branches for him. Once wally was back in the release pen he was quite happy thankyou, digging out his new burrow and munching on supplied fresh grass, while he sniffed the air for the many new smells and got used to the sounds. Just what this type of release is all about. Wally rescued roadside  near Maurlan in April 2016  at a little 2.2kg  by Erin.  They have been up in the main wombatorium for a while now and are due for release late summer at a property nearby where we have yet to build another suported soft release pen. Recently George dug a new burrow and like everywhere in rural area's bottles were buried for the last 150 years! He backed into a broken bottle from the roof slicing along under his skin and fur. It of course was infected and took a course of antibiotics, fun injecting a large 18 kg wombat that's now semi wild! then antibiotic ointment pushed in to help it heal from the back forwards too about 8 weeks to be considered healed. Trevor, Ray of Sunshine and Wally have been with us for close to 2 years now and they have grown from little 3kg wombats to close to 25kg living in their wombatorium. It’s now time to start their suported soft release back into the wild. They will be able to come and go from their release pen, while we feed them and monitor their activities daily with our wildlife camera’s ensuring they are managing and were able to help if there is a problem. this will take a few months for them to be fully comfortable out there in the wild. It’s always sad to see them go but we have put a lot of time into ensuring they will be resiliant wild wombats so are joyful that they get their second chance to be fully wild with all it entails. We will post updates on our facebook page and in the Released section of the website Wally has now been considered fully released at Denis and Daves permant release pen (started in april 2018) He had a slow start to his release with trevor but Denis and Dave were great with him and he's now living in his favourite burrow not far away. here is a recent photo of a happy wild Wally. They will keep an eye on him over the years. He has been known to walk with them in the cold weather in afternoons then wanders off. When the boys were away we made daily trips 40 min each way out to their place to check on things.


Wally Survived the dec 31st Bushfire. as it came thru around 1am he was out and Denis and Dave saw him, scooped him up and locked him their huge bathroom.   He has also survived the floods as his burrow was up at the top of a Valley lucky boy.