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2014 -2020 Wiggles a lovely fellow 1st Jan 2020 Bushfires..

Introducing Wiggles

Who arrived with us in October 2014 at just 2.5 kgs Wiggles is a boy and he's got a lovely silver coat, his mum was hit and killed by a car nearby. We also have a buddy for Wiggles, Charlotte or charlie as we know her just the same size. You will be able to follow their journey with us in the what we have in care now section. Wiggles is such a popular postcard we are repeating him for 2016. He's a big boy now and He and his buddy charlie girl have started their soft release. Their wombat door is open on the top wombatorium, and they come and go. They have actually decided to move in with the 3 boys, frankie, tankie, and terry so it's an interesting time.   Wiggles and his buddy Charlie girl were inseperable , often catching winter sun in Class 2 wombatorium. Both gentel wombats Charlie and Wiggles in the morning Sun No C3 Mving up to the High School Wiggles and charlie girl have grown into large wombats, and getting ready for their release Charlie and wiggles eating No C2


Wiggles has lived a great life wild and seen occasionally, frequenting a large burrow down in Sallys creek he's made his home, we say goodby now the Bushfire on 31st December came into that creek line very fiercely and it burned hot for 4 days massive trees. We think he would have slept thru it.  I'm heartbroken he was my special boy, the archetype wombat  glimpsed as he enjoyed his wild life. by March we had given up he was one of 34 of our released wombats that did not make it thru the two firestorms and then 1 metre of rain in 10 days a month later.  Last visit of Wiggles a few nights before the bushfire, no grass at all anywhere (feeding hay everywhere) and his special treat I dont know why the short video I took  I realised I said goodbuy to him. No way would he come into the house or a pen at around 45kg he was huge and totally wild. This has been the singularly hardest thing about the whole bushfire seeing my wild released ones disappear. particularly Wiggles one of early ones. 

A Visit in 2018 

And he's appear from the dark and walk beside me when I was hear alone doing lat feeds or out checking out odd noises, I felt so safe with him around, if he disappeared on a walk I'd hurry back inside knowing there was wild dogs or pig hunters around. This probably only happened 6 or 7 times in the years he was released golden moments!

Adieu but not goodbuy.. 

 March 2022 still missing this boy he has become the symbol of all that was lost in the fires and floods. He featured as the overbuy on the 2022 Calendar and I will sneak him in somewhere in each calendar.