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2018 - 2021 Winnie, shy little girl 2.7 kg

Winnie, the more quiet buddy to Polly, was released after the bushfires once grass had grown back. We see her on cameras at feed stations where we support feed newly released and wildlife surviving after the fires. Good grass is scarce in the severely burnt bush competing with weeds and shrubs that wombats do not seem to eat. Winnie is looking really healthy doing her own thing. She’s famous for screaming from her wombatorium burrow when she steadfastly refused come out through chest deep water until we dug a trench to drain some away.

Little Winnie came to us on Saturday 28th April2018 with her buddy Polly. Both were very well cared for and just absolute buddies.  She's just 2.7 kg so still in mum's pouch and she is now just getting used to her new box and new mum and dad to care for her.  Not so shy after a month and creating havoc with Polly, the pair referred to as the terrorists! Still training them not to bite so hard!