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Dr Howard Ralph: Southern Cross Wildlife

Southern Cross Wildlife is a nonprofit charity dedicated to the treatment and care of native animals.

Dr Howard Ralph, ably assisted by his wife Glenda, runs a wildlife clinic, doing some cutting edge surgery and treatment of our native animals. Howard is also involved with many groups and responds to the seemingly increasing number of disasters across Australia, treating wildlife, farm and domestic animals alike.

Howard & Glenda operate their clinics from Howard’s Home in Sydney and property in Braidwood. They often work through the night till 3 am or later seeing wildlife and operating. After the clinic’s finished, they then have to sterilise equipment, clean the surgery, dig holes to empty the chemical toilet etc. etc. all before the next day’s clinic.

And many take advantage presuming it’s all for free. In reality he needs some payment as he’s completely self-funded.

I’m sure many don’t realise that they are desperately short of volunteers to help with the many simple tasks, and they are too polite to ask! I don’t know where people think the money comes from to pay for the sterile gowns for each patient, dressings, needles and assorted other bits, let alone the drugs. It comes from a trickle of donations but mainly from Glenda working a number of jobs during the week! They don’t have fancy cars, houses etc as they have put their all into treating our wildlife for many years often for free, which simply cannot continue.

It would be great, if you’re sitting at the clinic waiting, if you offered to do something (sweep the floor, cleaning, whatever) AND made a contribution to the expenses of treating your animal. Even better, actually coming along specifically to get some of the jobs done. There is just too much for Howard and Glenda, and the dedicated few volunteers they have, to do in getting the new Braidwood clinic finished.

I am very humbled by the effort Howard and Glenda put in, devoting both their lives to wildlife. They need help, and can’t continue at this pace indefinitely.

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