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Nest Box's for Wildlife Project. Starts Jan 2021

 With almost no hollow nest sites in the burnt out landscape here Rocklily. We have started a project of building and installing  nest box’s to replace burnt tree hollows, as most large old trees completely burnt. for remaining birds and various mammals and as well planting appropriate trees and shrubs, this is a big undertaking and we hope to have around 55 box’s/ cockatubes  and feed stations  going up over winter.  We have had 3 volunteer working bees early  helping with build of some of the 49 Box's. Team's from ARC and 2 seperate Sales Force teams this has helped with Warwick and our amazing helper Porter cutting them all out and finishing them off and making quite a few themselves.  (see photos of teams below) 

- Initial 31 Nest box's med small birds and small Gliders = $1,767 costs of materials.   Arc has donated $475 for the 21mm plywood many thanks 

- Greater Glider and Yellow Bellied Glider nest boxs x 18 = $2,100 and we have now received funding from the Greater Eastern Ranges Greater Glider Program to cover the costs of these which really helps. 

just a few Greater glider box's with entry agains the tree. There this colour to blend with the gums were fixing them to as well as its 18 degrees cooler than a dark coloured box.  First 3 box's up in June then syd in lockdown, we need a climber to get them up, it will happen got 15 to go up still.


- Glossy, red tail, and yellowtail ,Cockatube tubes x 5 at $475 ea plus freight from WA  $2,950 (seem to have the absolute best take up of Glossy cockatoos of all nest boxs and we have 3 glossy left. 

A couple of cockatubes for the Glossy Cockatoo which we have painted to reduce the ambient heat in summer by 18 degrees, they are placed on the SE side of trees and 2 went up in June. Glossy cockatoo bought to us for release when the the we had around were there. It had mild concussion apparently. 


 All funds raised in this gift will be used for construction of box’s and feed stations.  We have researched and are using the most popular for the birds and gliders , plus using long lasting materials wanting 15 plus years from there. Hollows wont grow back in our lifetime.   So we have a $20 virtual gift available to help us in the online shop to get us started. I

We still have a variety of gliders and birds left, not in very big numbers at all and providing nest box's will give them room to grow the populations. Old hollows can take up to 10 years to form in older trees.  

Our box’s are based on the book by Alan and Stacy Franks www.hollowloghomes.com 

Our first working bee has cut 9 and almost finished 4 box's   Jan 23rd 2021 

a few in action shots.  Note box's will have a hardwood bit of tree slab on front with climbing ladder and painted for longevity in colours to match the forest.  Big thanks to Jane, Mark , Linda and Greg all from ACT (covid fee zone!)   Handy to have a big old shearing shed to set up this project in. 

King parrot, Gang gang, tree climber and Rossella boxes just need hardwood fronts and painting

King Parrot, Gang Gang, kookaburra and Crimson rosella, just need hardwood slabs on front and paint!

Pre drilling screw holes so timber wont split and screws are flush with box.

Jane shows how she was trimming ands mouthing off stainless  steel hinges 

Linda puts some weight behind drill to get hole cutter thru 21mm plywood 

Linda and Jane onto quality control of first box while the next is put together. 

This is the first sales force team to rocklily  Many thanks everyone. 

And the second team from Sales force built 9 box's and did some work in the wombatorium carting buckets of soil in to fill all the holes and put in grass seed, sadly within an hour Bubule had re dug the, she's normally not un daytime! 


were looking for more Climbers to get box's up, covid lockdown in Sydney has slowed it up all boxs and Cockatubes are finished awaiting installation