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Rocklily Slideshow About us & Being a wildlife carer

This slideshow was made to show at the recent Wombeyan Caves Festival. We made it to encourage people to do the right thing. We hope it might even inspire some to become wildlife carers, or to help out at Rocklily or other wildlife refuges.  It's a bit of a mix, hope you enjoy!       People to many people leaving no space for wildlife.. the earth is a finite resorse and we all need to get along. There are no herds of wombats, just lots of dead ones who take week's or months to dexcay be the side of the road as they are pushed out of farmland that leaves no space for wildlife,   There are no herds of wombats, just herds of people pushing the worlds animals to the brink                   By their carer, who they see as mum.. or dad..   To defuse a large kangaroo standing up on his tail at you, blow in his face and squat down he quickly sits back down and hats having the wind in his face !