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Wombat teeth issues, wiggles Story.

The story of Wiggles teeth Wiggles came into care at 3 kg and was fed grass and hay and at 5 kg was outside in a burrow with lots of dirt and grass. As he got bigger we noticed weight loss a trip to Dr Howard Ralph and his molars had grown uneven and he could not grind his food properly ( malocclusion and teeth spurs ) He was given an aGeneral anasetic and hes back molars filed. Howard thought he might need it done again. But he did not and grew into a healthy wombat it can be trauma to jaw when orphaned or just not eating enough fiber when little as all the teeth on a wombat grow continuously.


We changed what we feed little wombats introducing meadow hay (not straw like or with big seed dry sharp heads needs to be first cut NO lucern )  and a bowl of dirt and water as there first solids then grass with roots and dirt and only a very amount of sweet patato ( carrots a big no no as councils and National parks drop poised carrots in parks fro goats and rabbits) We use finely chopped sweet patato to give oral antibiotics later in life when they come back injured the sweetness helps.

We also always from the very start have bark and sticks to chew, gumtrees, the fibrous back of ironbarks is a fav of most, lots of diff sizes as well.cks to chew, gumtrees, the fibrous back of ironbarks is a fav of most, lots of diff sizes as well.

We have not had another case since in over 30 wombats. Wiggles grew into a wombat of 40 kg and lived in the wild for 7 years seen occasionally the 2019/20 bushfires were to intense and he did'nt make it. Not all vets will tackle filing wombats teeth you need to ask around and Dr Ann Fowler has a good paper on this. email me if you cannot find it online. 

We are NOT experts, this is our story we hope its of some help in finding your own solutions. Regards Dianna and Warwick