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Bilby Brooch 3D by Mox + co

Bilby Brooch 3D by Mox + co

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Bilby Brooch  3D by Mox + co

Australian range very limited edition


Hand-layered  and hand-painted brooch 

designed and fully handmade in Brisbane 

3D tail and the Daisychain necklace is a loop around her neck, lovely!

Good conversation starter anyone?

All of our jewellery is made using acrylic which are breakable if dropped, hit again hard surfaces or placed under pressure. Although we use strong jewellers glue, acrylic is still fragile and can easily snap if placed under pressure.

Please avoid perfume, lotions or water (remove before swimming/showering). 

Please be careful with you’re jewellery and store it accordingly away from direct sunlight.