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Blue Sparkle Love bird  Stainless steel Hoops By Dianna

Blue Sparkle Love bird Stainless steel Hoops By Dianna

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Blue sparkle Love bird Stainless steelHoops By Dianna

A range celebrate the wonderful resilience of our wildlife. Bringing to life what has gone and what is left after the fires and floods of 2019-2020.

 Blue sparkly resin 

20 mm  stainless steel hoops. VacUum plated for long lasting colour and shine. HYPO ALLERGENIC 

Size: 20 mm long x 20 mm wide 

made by Dianna of Rocklily Wombats at Wombeyan Caves NSW 

We are totally self funded and all profits from our website and things we make, go in some way towards the costs for running our wildlife refuge. This includes specialist milk, hay, straw and other pellets, vet bill's, medications and dressings, repairs to enclosures, washing and costs for bags, bottles and teats. Costs of building new enclosures such as release pens, wildlife camera consumables, petrol for grass cutting and rescues. all just to name a few things! So we really appreciate every sale no matter how small, it's all wonderful.