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Brad the Barn Owl  Studs GLITTER VERSION,  Lunar Deesigns

Brad the Barn Owl Studs GLITTER VERSION, Lunar Deesigns

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 Brad the Barn Owl Studs GLITTER VERSION  By  Luna Deesign

Meet Brad, isn't he handsome?! Handmade from epoxy resin in my unique moulds with sparkly golden and white glitters.

This design comes from my own hand drawings so you won't see this design anywhere else. Each and every owl, even within the pair is completely unique in its colouring as each one is made individually. Resin begins life as a free moving liquid and cures differently in each mould. The owl is made from seperate pieces of handmade resin which are not only coloured uniquely but also have an etched wing and spotted textured design.

Brad's face is a gold mirrored acrylic with hand painted detailing and he is fastened to a beautiful bamboo wooden backing with a Lunar DeeSigns etched logo on the back. The studs are hypoallergenic surgical stainless steel with comfort backs.

Measuring approximately 4cm in height, and approx. 2cm in width.

Very slight cosmetic imperfections may be present but these do not affect the integrity of the earring design and are unique to handmade items. Quality control is high at Lunar HQ and I would never send out an item which I would not be happy to wear myself.

Please note that the items in the photographs show examples of the colouring that may be present in your pair, however yours will not be the same, but just as uniquely beautiful.


Lunar DeeSigns Pty Ltd is a handmade jewellery business based in Brisbane. All the jewellery on this  is uniquely designed, handmade and packaged by myself, Dee. I am also proud to support other handmade Australian artists and often have collaborations, and pieces made by other local businesses on this site.

I use the best quality components and surgical stainless steel findings and everything is made to a very high standard. All collections are made in limited runs with very little wastage.

Each item is completely unique due to their handmade nature, and new designs are being made all the time. So if you would like to keep up to date please follow along on Instagram and Facebook.

I am a single Mum of 3 gorgeous boys and will the support of my wonderful family and friends, since 2017, Lunar DeeSigns has become my full time job with which I support my family.
 By supporting a handmade business you aren't helping a CEO buy his third investment property, or his second boat, you are supporting a local family, a Mother to put food on the table and provide school uniforms for her children. By choosing to buy from a local artisan you are making a difference in someone's life,
Thank you,
Dee :)

Jewellery Care


Resin is a very hardy medium however should be treated like a ceramic - Please treat all your pieces with the utmost care - resin is likely to break if dropped or if banged with something hard.

All resin must be kept away from direct sunlight or sources of heat. Over time, some pieces of resin jewellery, such as bangles (which have been hand sanded and polished) may appear to dull in their appearance, especially if exposed to water. To bring back the sparkle give it a quick clean, and then use a soft cloth or your fingers and add a small amount of cooking oil or moisturiser to the jewellery's surface.

Do not wipe resin which has been drawn on with acrylic paint markers as this will fade the paint.

Some resin pieces have glued on pieces of acrylic (such as wings or beaks) and these must be treated very delicately. Do not bang or drop, and be extra careful if travelling with them.

Hypoallergenic Surgical Stainless Steel

All findings (unless otherwise stated) are hypoallergenic surgical stainless steel which are great for sensitive ears and resistant to tarnishing.

Please do not wear your earrings in the shower or swimming as this will weaken the glue on pieces which have been glued.

Lunar DeeSigns’ jewellery is intended to be worn by adults.