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H cook laybys. june 2023

H cook laybys. june 2023

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JH cook laybys. june 2023
P 20     Erstwilder - Majestic Mai Ogi Fan 2017  $105.00
P23      Erstwilder - Ancient Egyptian Revival      $59.00
P23      Erstwilder - Zelda Zebra                          $89.00
P23      Erstwilder - Barbarella Bluebird               $69.00
P24      Daist Jean - Rita Rabbit                           $20.00
P24      Erstwilder  - Botanical Abode                   $20.00
P25      Quetzy      - Leadbeater Possum             $75.00

Total $437.00
29 x 14.00
(small discount )


 A lay by  what it is how it works with Rocklily wombats

A layby is where we hold goods for you and you pay it of when it works for you. normal time allowed is 4 months but in these times we will allow longer. 

No fees or interest is charged. 

PLEASE DO NOT USE AFTERPAY TO PAY OFF YOUR LAYBY AS THEY CHARGE US 6%  OF EACH PAYMENT.  Paypal, credit card and assorted other payments accepted through the shopify cart. 

You cannot use a layby payment and a purchase to get the balance up to our $60 free post threshold. 

Laybys should be paid in a seperate transaction not with a purchase. 

We generally divide the layby up into payments  of 5, 10, 15 or 20 payments depends on amount and what you prefer. 

Just pop 1 or more payments into your cart and pay. No need to try and put the items in your cart again, we already have them packed away for you.

 We would like one payment soon and as long as your paying it off we dont mind when its paid we prefer laybys finalised within 4 months, or there at lest getting regular payments and are not forgotten. 

We will update you after each payment as to your balance. Your layby item is set for only 15 payments so you cannot overpay, and you can see how many the shopping cart will let you do to get the balance.

its a bit primitive but the only other layby we can find is PayPal and they charge you nearly 2% so we wont use that.

 Kindest regards dianna