Treat a mangy wombat  kit

Treat a mangy wombat 10 doses over 8 weeks kit SUPPLY

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Treat a mangy wild wombat kit. 10 doses over 8 weeks CYDETIN 

Will only supply with photo of wombat and discussion re dosages with Dianna

Will be sent to you. We send mange treatment kits out to landholders to treat their wild wombats whom have mange. Most would not treat them if they have to pay. If you want us to send you the mange kit, please state that in the message at checkout. Otherwise your helping us fund the treatment of wild wombats with mange. KIT IS FOR TREATMENT OF ONE MANGED WOMBAT Kit contains 250ml Cydetin, 3 pairs chemical resistant nitrol gloves, Pour bottle to attach to a pole/long stick, Flap for burrow with tent pegs, 60ml and 5 ml syringe. Instructions. Plus postage is included. . We are not a charity. Were just a couple of ordinary folk who are trying to do the right thing. We fund all our wildlife work from our online shop and get no government or other funding. We do belong to a wildlife rescue group 'Wildlife Rescue South Coast' NSW The wombats thankyou!