2023 Rocklily Wombat Calendar IN STOCK! Want for Christmas in Aust EXPRESS IS BEST

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Were still shipping worldwide, it will get there but not for christmas now.

Thank you to all our customers, you make difference to our refuge and renewal of the land.

We ship World wide ASIA, NZ, EU, US, Canada. We can only ship calendars and goods OVER 139 pounds not inc freight to UK due to betrix changes.

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We are a wildlife refuge based surrounded by Greater Blue Mountains National Park in NSW, Australia. We love helping Australian native animals! You can learn more about us and our projects on this website. We have lots about our wildlife we care for. Check out our info on treating mangy wombats in the wild. Our online shop is our only source of funding for our wildlife refuge. Yes we were impacted by the 2019-20 Bishfires, more in about us. It’s great to share info and keep up-to-date on what everyone’s doing to help Australian animals, so keep in touch!

YES You can help by purchasing a Virtual gift of Mange treatment wildlife food, vet fees. THIS IS THE MOST HELP TO US 

Wombat Mange Treatment

Treating mangy wombats in the wild. It’s not difficult, there are 2 options. see more in our Wombat mange section.

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Animals in care now

Find out what wombats and other wildlife we have in care now and their stories. 

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Wombat Calendar Just Wombat items.

2023 NOW IN STOCK $10 each. We also have many wombat themed items, from $5 cookie cutters, soft toys, Garden art, jewlery & linen, soft toys all Australian made!

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Little wombats, big wombats were adding more as we get time!