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Free activities: Things to keep little human joeys busy!

This is the start of a section we will regularly add to, with things to do or read for all your little joeys. If you want to do more than download and use for your family or classroom we would appreciate being asked first.


Learn how to speak wombat and make their lives a little safer. Itsour second colouring cartoon to download and share it around!


Hector Goodall a busy cartoonist in Coffs Harbour has a few cartoons you can colour in. Really simple, just grab with your cursor and drag onto your computer. Here are the first four!

Can you tell us what the rascally wombat might be saying?

Email Dianna & Warwick with your suggestions! And the best one by 23rd Feb will be put on the cartoon!  www.rocklilywombats@gmail.com