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Wombats Released at Rocklily

Wombats Released at Rocklily

In a few short years, we have released far too many wombats here—finding release sites has always been a challenge. Some humanized wombats need a very long and supported release. These we release here, and frankly we have just had too many wombats here in the last 18 months. It’s lucky there is so much bush here and a long valley for them to disperse into. Some wombats we held for up to 7 months for other carers till they could take them back so we deal with more than we release.

Here is a summary and as time allows we will tell their stories in more detail in seperate posts .

2014 Softly, rescued as a hand-raised, dumped wombat from Wombeyan Caves camping area. Rehabilitated and seen 18 months later looking fantastic.

2014-15 Lilly & Poppy, our first released wombats here from 3 kg to 24 kg. We continued to see the more sociable Poppy every now and then over the next 2 years. Lilly is hard to recognise from other large wild wombats.

2014-16 Wiggles & Charlie Girl, 3 kg to 23 kg. Seen for some time after. Charlie is much shyer but we see Wiggles from time to time, beautiful silver wombat.  Neighbours report seeing a dark and a silver wombat 4 km away. We see wiggles every now and then around monthly and Charlie Gril every few months.

2015-16 Terry & Frankie, 6kg to 22 kg. Terry is seen only rarely now in 2018 but Frankie is seen more often. See his stories.

2015-16 Tankie, Sarah, Jasper, Kodiak, June, all came in from 2.5 to 5 kg and were released 22-25 kg. All roadkill orphans. We have seen Jasper and Jules once this year but they’re all part of the wombats caught on cameras around the valley.

2016 Phundalee, Jules, 5 & 9 kg to 22 kg. Jules was rescued by Ranger Jules from a canyon, Pundalee seems to be Frankie’s favourite chasings partner, squealing as she runs (yes, normal mating behaviour), we think she has a joey onboard winter 2018.

2016-17 Spoke,  came in at 11 kg should have been 18 kg! Fed dog food, did not eat grass at all, very stressed with sad repetitive behaviour, suffering malnutrition. In care over a year till he became releasable here. We have not seen him for a while, but it’s a big place.

2016-18  Ray of Sunshine, alias the Three Amigos. Only Ray was released here, Wally and Trevor at Willarwang, further into the bush through Rocklily on a 1000 acres. June 2018, Ray has still just started his release process, some weight loss but doing well. Dec 2018 Looking good, sleek and shiny black coat seen now and then on cameras

2017-18 Grace, released and we are not sure now if were seeing her on wildlife cameras. Were not expecting to as she was Miss independant.

2016-18 George, Released, his third attempt but seems to have it sorted now. Early returns with weight loss and he was back in care. George slowley got his act together were seeing him every few weeks. Dec 2018 George and one of the girls seem to be sharing a burrow Nov 2018

2016-2018 Monty, releasing 2nd attempt, weight loss (stress) but managing better and better looking good dec 2018

2018 Vince, at 12 kg he was dumped at our gate late summer (we saw the small wombat poos and wondered), and appeared at the house starving, obviously hand-raised, terribly frightened, but managing his time living under the huge shed and being fattened up with grass hay and hopefully will manage.

 2016-2018 Luna   Luna’s third attempt at release she’s been a very sick girl  (tumour) and is finally released at 3kg, she’s doing exceptionally well and were very pleased

2017-2018 Bushy Released he’s a small wombat although nearly 2.5 years old so haveing a few issues but seems to bee setteling after a few mmonts he’s currently living under warwicks huge shed, so enableing us to treat a couple of wombat wounds from a dumped wombat that was extremely aggressive and sadly did not eat grass.

2017-2018  Vivian Released and as most girls do released and only seen rearley doing well

2017-2018 Chilli Released and as most girls do released and only seen rearley doing well

2018-2020 Ranger. Released at rocklily after the fires. Can in at 11 kg with mange 

Release over spring/summer 2018:

2017-18  Jeffery (again), at Denis and Daves

2019 will be  Buddy, Buster at  Kurts place

We release from our wombatoriums using wombat gates.

Wombat gate in wombatorium. Front piece slides out to allow it to swing. Quick easy lock.