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A T-Rex cookie Cutter 3D printed Made in Australia.

A T-Rex cookie Cutter 3D printed Made in Australia.

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A  T-Rex  cookie Cutter 3D printed Made in Australia. 


1/2 inch depth
*Subtract 1 cm from width and height for cookie measurements
Item measurements:

~T-rex (green):
Approx. 9 1/2 cms tall and 10 cms wide
~Stegosaurus (yellow):
Approx. 8 cms tall and 11 cms wide
~Triceratops (orange):
Approx. 8 cms tall and 10 1/2 cms wid
Materials: PLA Plus food safe Filament

This hand drawn and 3D printed cookie cutter will help you make the cutest wombat cookies around!

Our 2 piece cookie cutters have been designed to be simple to use with an outer cutter for cutting and an inner embosser for stamping out details. Use the stamper lines as a guide for piping your frosting after baking, or you can just leave them unfrosted. The choice is up to you. Would also make a great fondant press for a whole range of baked and/or craft goodies.

We print each cookie cutter ourselves and they are checked over to avoid imperfections before shipping. This item is easily cleaned, child resistant and reusable. Clean with soapy warm water and a soft bristled brush.

Our cookie cutters are printed with PLA Plus which is a 100% food safe plastic. It is 10 times stronger than regular PLA, so your cookie cutters will be more durable. Tests have shown that PLA Plus is composed of safe ingredients that can come into contact with food products. It has been approved by the Australian Government, Department of Industry, Innovation and Science and also FDA (US Government Approved)