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Apple Brooch  by Wednesday Jones
Apple Brooch  by Wednesday Jones

Apple Brooch by Wednesday Jones

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Apple Brooch by Wednesday Jones UK 

  Very limited qty . 

Were awaiting updates as to when this will ship from UK will keep you updated 

Were very proud to be the Australian Stockist of Wednesday Jones

Note we are NOT shipping to US or UK with this range  

This release is extremely limited and each piece will be numbered. There are no plans to re release her in the future as her next adventure is already in planning along with my next main collection. 

Aswell as beautiful marble acrylics in the range, the main brooch features the use of teal kirinite. This material, normally used in gun and knife handles requires a lot of prep including buffing and polishing but the colour is divine. 

Kirinite is slightly thicker than the acrylic normally used for jewellery at 4mm but the brooch has a 2mm backplate which balances out the weight so it’s not heavy at all. It has a horizontal 1.25 inch roller clasp brooch pin right near the top so it sits perfectly. Each piece is numbered and features the “Wednesday Jones 🐈‍⬛ “ logo. She comes boxes and with a matching pair of kirinite star shaped stud earrings as a gift with purchase £38

Within the collection there are three mini brooches - a pretzel, a taxi and the essential red apple, all featuring hand painted details and priced at £14.00 each. 

Finally, pair of cute red apple studs priced at £8. 

Please note that it is pre order but with the total number capped worldwide. I’m waiting on another sheet of kirinite from the manufacturer but it’s already in transit and I have enough to get crackin