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Smyle Designs : Chicken Black Earrings  Made in Australia from recycled Acrylic
Smyle Designs : Chicken Black Earrings  Made in Australia from recycled Acrylic

Smyle Designs : Chicken Black Earrings Made in Australia from recycled Acrylic

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Chicken Black Earrings  by Smyle

Made in Australia from recycled Acrylic 

Made from 100% recycled acrylic, these adorable Chicken earrings are super cute and kind to the environment.

Did you know that chickens are one of the most intelligent birds on earth? They can recognize up to 100 other individual chickens, have a wide range of vocalizations, and can even dream!

These earrings are perfect for any chicken lover and make a great gift.

Earring size - 4cm x 2cm

Overall earring length including hook - 5cm

All Smyle Designs’ earrings use Surgical Steel Posts – perfect for sensitive ears




In 2019 we started Smyle Designs, a little dream to make eco-friendly jewellery and we took our first products to market: Very homemade looking earrings! Ha!

It was a pretty exciting and we devoted all our spare time to it. We were obsessed! Our skills in design improved and our making process became more refined and we expanded our range.  

Covid changed everything.  We took the time made available in lockdown to build a website and start wholesaling to wonderful little shops all over the country.  Smyle Designs quickly became both of our full time jobs - yay!!
We absolutely love what we do! Working from home together with our cute little side-kick Charlie. Making things for you!
Every piece of jewellery in our range starts with our original artwork.
We have developed a unique process to print onto Vinyl Records, CDs and 100% recycled acrylic.
We cut to size using a CNC router and assemble into earrings, brooches and pins by hand....all just the two of us (and Charlie!), in our happy little home studio in sunny Brisbane, Australia. 

Our products handmade with happiness. They're cute and fun to wear! They're guaranteed to make you Smyle...
and they’re good for the planet!

Our Mission

  • Our mission is to help the planet one ethical purchase at a time.
  • To use sustainably made products as a vehicle for change.
  • To make big change accessible to everyone.
  • For every purchase you make, we donate to the World Wildlife Fund.
  • To creatively recycle.
  • To ethically make.
  • To sustainable source.
  • To put our heart and soul into every product we design.
  • To use our talents and passion to spread Smyles ...and to be kind to the planet.