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Gathering Bushfood Earrings  - Allegria

Gathering Bushfood Earrings - Allegria

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Gathering Bushfood Earings  - Allegria Aboriginal Family Connections

Collection Through vibrant artwork, indigenous artist Kathleen Buzzacott shares treasured memories of life growing up with family on a remote aboriginal community. These family connections have become an important part of Kathleen’s life belonging and identity. We have used crops of aboriginal artist Kathleen Buzzacott's paintings and printed them on anodised aluminium. The pendants consist of two pieces of aluminium and an acrylic layer sandwiched together. This provides depth and allows the necklace to be incorporated as part of the design without the need for a bale. The pendant necklace is made from 2mm stainless steel and is 45cm in length. The earrings are made from two freely moving pieces of aluminium with ear hooks made from sterling silver. An Allegria Designs branded gift box is also included. Our pendants stylise some of the well known icons of Australia, a country rich in flora, fauna and interesting locations. The pendants are sculptured from silver plated pewter that has been oxidised and buffed to obtain a contemporary, antique look. The pendant comes in a branded gift box with a stainless steel snake chain, 45cm long Kathleen grew up at the Hermannsburg community, where she learned the Western Aranda language. Her mother is of the Pitjantjatjara tribe. Now located in Alice Springs, her art is inspired by memories: “My desire is to showcase the beauty of Aboriginal culture using bush tucker and children’s stories that spark the imagination and lift the spirit”. Allegria Designs is pleased to collaborate with Kathleen and to contribute royalties back to her. Size(cm) - Pendants: 2.8 W x 4.0 H - Earrings: 2.0 W x 2.8 H