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Gift  towards a Wildlife Camera Helping us monitor their release & Nest box's: for James
Trail camera rocklilywombats

Gift towards a Wildlife Camera Helping us monitor their release & Nest box's: for James

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Gift  towards a wildlife Camera helping us monitor their release and nest Box's.

Our original 21 camera's are starting to break down permanetly after 7 years in the field every day every weather. We do constantly clean and repair them but we now have a plie of dead camara's. We have spent alot of time looking for the simpilest and fastest (needs to trigger quickly not to miss the animal) And be at a reasnable price. We only want one brand as reprogramming when batteries go flat is much easier. We have selected this one. We need a sensative camera and have started to replace them with this one. If you purchase one through our site, this is the donation to Rocklilywombats we will then arrange purchase and delivery from them to rocklilywombats. Rocklilywombats is not a charity, were just two individuals doing what we can for our world. Why not a cheaper camera We really rely on all our camera's at our 3 release sites and the area around Rocklily itself. This helps us know whats going on, lets us know when to intervene, an invalabule tool in our suported soft release program of wombats, Kangaroo's, wallaroos, and wallabys. Our style of management of our animals is called adaptive management and is best served with good quality data collected. Our Aldi camera has only lasted 6 months and it's just not picking up wildlife that our older one still dose, it was initally quite slow and we know of other carers where these camera's slowly record less and less. Not recomended you need to pay over $200 to get something 1/2 decent nowdays. It's very frustrating with a slower than 1 second trigger speed were getting around 1/2 what we would on our old .6 trigger camera. yes there are technicques to maxamise captures and we employ those. Its simply a wast of time with a slow camera you are not getting enough of a picture of whats going on, wasting time colllecting cards and sitting analising them. Want one for yourself! This is the link to their site if you want our recomondation to purchase this for yourself this is it!! https://www.trailcameras.com.au/x-trail_hd_3cw.htm Main features we love - Ultra quick trigger time an amazing 4 seconds - No glow means humans will not see anything so less chance f being stolen and animals becoming weary of the glow. - 100 degree capture is quite wide increasing chance of pictures - Sensitivity we like this feature, just prun down grass shrubs infront og it of you will have thousands of photos of that or aim you camera so there not in pic - smallish qty of batteries -- Price is very very reasonable for these features If you are after a 12MP Zero Glow wildlife camera to monitor your unattended property where the night flash will not disclose the location of your camera then this is it. The X-Trail 3CW HD uses advanced Zero Glow flash technology so the IR flash is invisible. The X-Trail HD 3CW will record high quality images and video day or night whenever anything comes within range of triggering the unique infra-red sensor. This camera supports a full 100 degree FOV with an impressive trigger time of 0.4 seconds to capture anything that wanders or strays in front of it. The units will automatically switch between day time and night time mode depending on the ambient light and will record images or video in total darkness using the infra-red led array. The X-Trail 3CW HD runs on just 12AA batteries and supports time lapse and is programmable to work from 10 Seconds ~ 24 Hours taking a picture at long range day or night. Due to their sensitivity they are better used in areas that would not have a lot of vegetation moving around within 10m of the camera. (just prune those wavering branches grasses) With practice you can get positioning correct.  The timer function is programmable to work only in a specified period of the day or night. The serial number setting enables you to code locations in the photos, helping multi-camera users identify the location when reviewing the photos on a computer. Date, time, temperature and moon phase can be stamped in each picture.