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Gum leaf blossom Ellie - Little Liv's Hoops, By Liv
Gum leaf blossom Ellie - Little Liv's Hoops, By Liv

Gum leaf blossom Ellie - Little Liv's Hoops, By Liv

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Ellie - Little liv's  Hoops By Liv 

Australina Range 

Made in Australia 

Ellie - the flowering Eucalyptus.

The beautiful work of Jess Keeli features on these stunning flowering Eucalyptus dangles. And the print can be seen from both sides of the dangle.

The hardest part for you is choosing which size you'd like?

The statement dangle hoops measure a total earring length of 65mm, and the 'Little Liv' smaller hoops measure a more petite 42mm.

Both sizes are finished with hypoallergenic surgical steel hoops, making these great for even sensitive ears! And as always here at By Liv - they are super lightweight. So you can enjoy wearing them all day long







I am an Aussie Mum of 3 (Stella, Kaiden & By Liv!). Everything you see here is created by my husband (Jase) & I.

But my mission is to help you see them as more than just earrings...

Before I became a Mum, I was a Midwife... what an amazing job that was, but priorities change once we take on the role of Mum, and I wanted to stay at home with my babies... and so By Liv was born.

We were lucky enough to travel this great country of ours in the following years, sharing our creations and meeting so many beautiful people along the way. But one thing that became blatantly obvious to me during these years, both personally and from spending so much time with other Women, was how much we as Women give to others...

But who gives back to us...

So the passion to serve Women, and help them be their best, as I had done previously as a Midwife, during the pregnancy and birth phase of life, began to burn again... how could I help Women appreciate THEMSELVES without adding anything else to their ever growing to-do list

Earrings of course!!! I create pieces that are unique, and beautiful - just like YOU! I want to encourage you to make moments of self care and appreciation every time you choose earrings - for yourself OR the when appreciating someone else when buying a gift - and then again when your order arrives, and then every single time you wear my earrings!

I want them to be a pat on the back and big warm hug from me to you for all of the amazing work that you are doing for everyone around you!

So take these warm and fuzzies with you while you browse all of my latest creations... and if you want to take your self care and appreciation to the next level, then make sure you have a look at what The By Liv Box has to offer you!

Thanks for stopping by!

Liv x