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Kangaroo Silver Footprint Earrings – Bushprints

Kangaroo Silver Footprint Earrings - Bushprints

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Bushprints Sterling Silver Kangaroo Footprint Earrings

These inspirational Kangaroo footprints are cut out of solid sterling silver. For Gary, the maker, quality is the prime consideration and all pieces are carefully hand-finished, giving a fantastic lustre. They are beautifully gift-boxed and in stock now. Weight: 24 g in gift box. If you are interested in the same range in 9ct yellow gold please contact us for pricing.

Length 19 mm Excludes hooks

Kangaroo facts The kangaroo is a macropod and there are over 60 different species of kangaroo. They live all over Australia, in our cool climate areas and desert plains, in tropical rainforests and around beaches. Kangaroos are herbivorous, eating a range of plants and, in some cases, fungi. Most are nocturnal. Kangaroos of all sizes have one thing in common: powerful back legs with long feet. All female kangaroos have front-opening pouches that contain four teats. This is where the joey, or young kangaroo, is raised until it can survive outside the pouch. There is a lot of controversy about how we treat this Australian icon; we use it as pet food, and skins, and as the meat is lean it is becoming more common in tourist menus. We have a family of grey kangaroos at Rocklily with the dominant male standing 5 feet tall. We could never eat these amazing animals and take great delight in watching them live around us.