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L. Drop bear, Wombat, Koala Hat  100% ACRYLIC Large Adult: Black  Multi blue

L. Drop bear, Wombat, Koala Hat 100% ACRYLIC Large Adult: Black Multi blue

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Drop bear, Wombat or Koala ACRYLIC Hat  

Made from 100% pure new Australian wool in Australia by Dianna's mum Kathie

Cool machine wash with a pure soap product. Do not tumble dry or boil it as it will shrink!

Large Head Circumference:  55-57 cm  (most common mens size and alot of women as well) 

Not everyone is the same, and our wildlife hats are all individual helping those who would dare, to become extraordinary.

Wombat Vombatus Ursinus: Large with coarse hair and eats grass. Lives underground, has a backwards facing pouch for young. claws, Short legs and can run at 40km hr for short distances. Very cute and playful when young. Make bad pets as tunnels under house can be a problem

Koala,Phascolarctos cinereus : Large tree climber, related to wombat. Pouch for young ,Soft fur, fluffy ears, very cute , eats gum leaves and has a scream like call at night similar to Drop bear. Bites and scratches if your mistaken for tree. Becoming extint like wombats due to loss of habitat.

Drop Bear, Thylarctos plummetus: Related to Koala and wombat Large tree climber pouch for young. Tends to drop on it's prey from great heights. Can also run at great speed. Eats whatever it can find. Stay safe, stay alive in the bush always look up when in the bush at night. Critically endangered. It's the imagination of the wearer that decides what species the hat is!

Dianna & Warwick spend their days & nights rescueing, rehabilitating and soft releasing Australian wildlife. Nestled beside the Blue Mountains National Park, near Wombeyan Caves NSW. We specalise in Wombats and Kangaroos Wallaroos and Wallabies.

We come across the occasional Drop Bear, but these require extra special handling and are not for the faint hearted or those lacking imagination. Each hat is an individual, just like you, designed and crocheted by Wombat grandmar Kathie, each taking about 5 hours to make. And if you must you can use it to keep a small teapot warm!