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Marlene Bilby joey toy ready for soft release to loveing home

Marlene Bilby joey toy ready for soft release to loveing home

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Marlene Bilby toy  ready for a soft release

Made in Australia by Allison 

NOT  suitable for under 3 years, plastic attached eyes  

This little orphaned Joey has been rescued by Warwick and Dianna and carefully cared for till they were ready for soft release to be loved and cuddled. Little joeys are in mum’s pouch for 6 to 8 months then still drink milk from mum for up to 6 more months and stay with mum for a total of 18 months till they are confident enough to brave the wild world.

Thank you for taking over the care of this precious little one. All our rescues are very individual

Height 14.5 cm x 23 cm long (5 1/2 inches heigh x 9 inches long )

By purchasing a 'ready for soft release joey’ you allow us to feed milk for 2 weeks to a little rescue joey or treat mange in one wombat. Loveingly made in by Allison especially for Rocklily Wombats using legitimate aboriginal prints (where the artist gets a royalty) and other fabric’s with new polyester stuffing. Pattern design by Isabella Golightly'.