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Numbat Silver footprint Earrings - Bushprint

Numbat Silver footprint Earrings, Bushprints Jewllery

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Bushprints Sterling Silver Numbat Footprint Earrings

These inspirational Numbat footprints are cut out of solid sterling silver. For Gary, the maker, quality is the prime consideration and all pieces are carefully hand-finished, giving a fantastic lustre. They are beautifully gift boxed and in stock now. Price includes postage within Australia. Weight: 24 g in gift box. If you are interested in the same item in 9ct yellow Gold and we don't have them in-stock in please contact us a it's just a 2 week wait while Gary makes them for you.

Length 21 mm 

Numbat Facts The numbat is also known as the Banded Anteater. My guess is they prefer to be called the banded anteater over theNumbat This little marsupial can only be found in small colonies in Western Australia. Of course, the majority of their diet is composed of termites. Surprisingly enough the numbat is able to consume almost 20 000 termites in a day. In order to be able to catch so many little termites in a day the numbat has evolved a long, sticky tongue which seems to work quite well. Unlike most marsupials, the numbat is active mainly during the daylight hours. It is required to wait until the termites are active in order to feed: although numbats have fairly strong claws, they are no match for the concrete-like termite mounds. Luckily they are smart, and apply the brains over brawn strategy for finding food. They wait until the termites are in the underground tunnels between their feeding sites and their protective mound. The numbat is then able to sniff them out and strike them while they are vulnerable. Pretty smart of the little numbat isn' it? Numbat Fast Fact: Although numbats are marsupials, they do not have a pouch that the young can climb into. For this reason the little numbats must cling to the belly fur.