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Possum Silver Footprint Earrings – Bushprints

Possum Silver Footprint Earrings Bushprints

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Bushprints Sterling Silver Possum Footprint Earrings

These inspirational Possum footprints are cut out of solid sterling silver. For Gary, the maker, quality is the prime consideration and all pieces are carefully hand-finished, giving a fantastic lustre. They are beautifully gift-boxed and in stock now. Weight: 24 g in gift box. If you are interested in the same range in 9ct yellow gold they will be a 2 week wait and the same pricing as similar Bushprint gold items.

Length 17 mm Excludes ear hooks

Ringtail Possum Facts Ringtail possums have a white end on their long tail, which is often seen curled in a ring when not in use, and two thumbs on their front feet to help them grip branches. They use their tails like a fifth hand, making them very agile in trees. They will often have 2 pouch young, called joeys, living in mum's pouch for about 4 months. After that they will ride on either parent's back. Ringtail possums are very social possums and will make up to five drays (nests) in their home area. They often live in small families and you can hear soft chirping noises at night in urban areas. Because we build houses in their habitat, they have become forced to adapt. As herbivores their diets include leaf tips, flowers, buds, fruits, nectar and shoots and many are rather partial to our more exotic plants.