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Quoll  Rusty Garden Art  By Dianna at Rocklilywombats   includes postage in Aust International freight extra
Quoll  Rusty Garden Art  By Dianna at Rocklilywombats   includes postage in Aust International freight extra

Quoll Rusty Garden Art By Dianna at Rocklilywombats includes postage in Aust International freight extra

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Quoll  Rusty Garden Art By Dianna at Rocklilywombats

Designed by Dianna for a Community art program in Taralga 

 includes postage in Aust.


shipped international is EXTRA: SHIPPING TO GERMANY $72, US $68  Invoiced separately with actual cost depending what you have with it 

Size 32cm wide x 28 cm high including spikes 

weight 1.4 kg

Slow those speeding on your driveway! And just for fun!

Made from 3mm Corten steel designed together a rusty patina then rust no further.Maintenance free weathering steal. This weathering steel will arrive as grey metal finish which will quickly develop a natural rust patina in your garden. To speed it up hose with water a few times. 

Mirrangan the spottted tail Quoll seen and heard  untill around 2017 in the Rocklily area 
The  Gundungurra Aboriginal tribe inhabited the area, which covered most of the blue mountains. We respect that these first Australians lived in harmony with the land for many tens of thouands of years.  There is little local Aboriginal history or stories in our local area that we know of  but there is an important creation dreaming story about Jenolan and wombyean caves as well as the rivers associated with them
For tens of thousands of years, Jenolan has been part of the culture of the local Indigenous people. This beautiful and mysterious place holds special significance to the Gundungurra people who knew it as ‘Binomil’ or ‘Bin-oo-mur’.
According to Gundungurra Elder, Old Jimmy Lynch, who lived the latter part of his life in the Gully in Katoomba, until his death in 1913, “The old natives knew the caves. They penetrated them as far as the subterranean water, carrying sick people to be bathed in this water, which they belived to have great curative powers. Sick people were carried there from considerable distances.”
Gundungurra people’s knowledge of the caves goes back a long way, and there is a dreamtime creation story about how this whole countryside came into being. The story describes an almighty struggle between two ancestral creator spirits, one a giant eel-like creature, Gurangatch, an incarnation of the ancestral rainbow serpent, and the other, a large native cat or quoll, Mirrangan.
The scuffle resulted in the gouging out of the land to form the river systems of the Cox and Wollondillly Rivers, much of which is now under Sydney’s water storage lake behind Warragamba Dam. In this dreamtime creation story, Gurangatch and Mirragan visited Jenolan as well as Wombeyan (Whambeyan) Caves, which were already part of the landscape. 

Dianna did a range of local animals either real, extinct or myth animals for this  and they are affordable all now garden art on my website. Wombat, Koala, Kangaroo, Quoll, Thylacine, Drop bear, Bunyip.  See Garden art stamps collection. 

Initial designs were Funding for the community project was by the Shared Spaces programme, a NSW Government initiative to Upper Lachlan Shire Council. Our taget was to get motorists speeding thru the small town of Taralga to slow down and stop and look around.