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Sperm Whale Pewter Brooch Silver Plated – Peek-a-Boo

Whale Sperm Pewter Brooch Silver Plated Peek-a-Boo

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Sperm Whale Pewter Brooch Antique Silver Plated Kathy & Peter of Peek-a-Boo have been themselves producing a wide variety of quality Australian designed and handcrafted pewter products since 1990. Their range of jewellery and unique gifts are cast from high grade pewter alloy containing tin, copper and silver. The designs are polished and plated with 925 sterling silver, 18 ct gold, bronze and other finishes. From the design stage, to hand carving the original, to the finished product, every effort is made to ensure you will enjoy your Peek-a-boo original. Comes in an organza bag. Measures 62 mm x 25 mm. Sperm Whale Facts The sperm whale is a toothed whale that lives in pods. It has a huge brain that weighs about 20 pounds (9 kg); it is the largest brain of any animal. The sperm whale has a single blowhole that is s-shaped and about 20 inches long. The blowhole is located on the left side of the front of its huge head. The sperm whale has a 4-12 inch thick layer of blubber. The bonds between the members of sperm whale pods are strong and long-lasting. The members of a pod protect the young, the sick and the injured. Groups of females with their young are common. This group structure allows a mother to dive very deeply to hunt while leaving her young calf, who is unable to dive very deeply, at the surface and protected by the pod. Sperm whales produce ambergris, a dark, waxy substance (related to cholesterol) that is produced in the lower intestines, and is sometimes found to contain squid beaks. Ambergris may help protect the sperm whale from the stings on the giant squid, its major food. Large lumps of ambergris may be vomited up by the sperm whale. The fictional Moby Dick was a sperm whale.