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Tasmanian Devil Pin – Allegria Designs

Tasmanian Devil Lapel-Pin Allegria Designs

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Allegria Designs Tassie Devil Pin The pins are sculpted from silver plated pewter that has been oxidised and buffed to obtain a contemporary, antique look. They are so adorable, we know you will love them! All pins come in a gift box so make great presents for friends – especially easy to mail overseas. Weight: 18g in gift box. Its spine-chilling screeches, black colour, and reputed bad-temper, led the early European settlers to call it The Devil. Although only the size of a small dog, it can sound and look incredibly fierce. Devil Facial Tumour Disease (DFTD) is threatening its existence. As at December 2008, the DFTD had been confirmed at 64 different locations across more than 60% of Tasmania's mainland. The poor Tassie Devil is under very real threat from the facial tumour disease – will there be any left in the wild in 5 years time?!